Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Mitt Romney #GOP #FHA CLOSING MEANS TO YOU home loan health care nursing home

Mitt Romney at private fundraiser: I might eliminate HUD

If GOP hopeful The least popular nominee in eternity Mitt Romney has his way HUD will be killed and presumably so will the FHA programs. It means higher loan rates, no nursing care less rural hospitals and assisted living no aid to poor elderly mostly women for rent
Home Single Family - lowest rate lender

Multifamily Loans only national construction lender rural apartment lender
Hospital - Urban and Rural Hospital loans

fewer new hospitals more rural deaths
Health Care Assisted Living Nursing Home  biggest lender in Country

more expensive private nursing home only option sick parents move home

 It’s election season and the candidate – hoping to appeal to conservatives – wants to stick a knife in HUD/FHA because, well, it’s a cabinet level agency and cutting big government is a red meat move. But first, Romney has to get elected. And if he does, then he has to get such a move through a Congress that presumably will be controlled by the GOP. So, if you think the housing market is tough now, just wait until the FHA program disappears. Of course, I’m sure the private sector is ready, willing and able to fill the void.
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